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Various NYC Photos

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(Photos by Bald Punk – Manhattan Civic Center)

I’m running out the door and wanted to post something. So here it is. Sunday I will get up the last part in the P.T. Barnum series. If you’re wondering WTF??? Here are the posts in that series:  Episode Twenty-Four – December 2009/January 2010 

Search for Scrappy D! 

Barnum in Central Park 

The Elephant and the Looking Glass

Oh!!! I’m planning on redesigning this site in the coming weeks. I want to divide the posts into separate section that will most likely be STORIES, PHOTOS and EVERYTHING ELSE.

Oh!!! Oh!!! Here are some fantastic photos of the Civic Center. You must check them out: HAUNTED NEW YORK CITY!

BTW: I took the photos of the Civic Center when I was standing in front of St Paul’s Chapel in Lower Manhattan.

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