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Living on a Thin Line

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Living on a Thin Line

(Babe Ruth in the film, Headin’ Home, 1920 )  I can understand if you don’t believe all the stuff that happens to me. All I can say is “good thing I don’t live in New Jersey,” then I probably wouldn’t believe it either. The only way I can explain it is to say, NYC is different. I […]

Ralph Demarco Park in Astoria

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(Photos by Bald Punk – Ralph Demarco Park) In the background of a few photos you can see the Hell Gate Bridge. It’s also the name of a short straight right below the bridge. “Hell Gate” comes from the Dutch phrase, “Hellegat.” Along with “Sound River,” it was one of the original names for the East River. Those facts I didn’t look up […]

First Presbyterian Church in Greenwich Village

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(Photos by Bald Punk – First Presbyterian Church at 12th Street & 5th Ave) It was freezing when I snapped these photos. I had a hat but no gloves, so basically took them with my hands in my pockets. When it’s cold in NYC, it’s fra-eeeee-zing!!! That’s ’cause we like to take things here to the extreme. Here are my STORIES and PHOTOS

42nd Street

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(Photos by Bald Punk) If you’re coming to NYC and love Broadway shows, then you’ll head straight to Times Square, and enjoy it for all it has to offer. I recommend the bar in the Marriott Marquis on 45th Street. Nice atmosphere. Fantastic views, too. The ceiling is open to the roof with all the rooms on the sides […]

“O Captain! My Captain!” by Walt Whitman

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(Photo by Mathew Brady – Walt Whitman) I wanted to post something a little different today. Here is a reading(not by me) of Walt Whitman’s poem, “O Captain! My Captain!” Whitman wrote it after the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.   << Click here for:  Song of Myself by Walt Whitman  >>   Here are my STORIES and PHOTOS

Mullaly Skate Park in the Bronx

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(Photos by Bald Punk) This park is right next d0or to the new Yankee Stadium. I wanted to post it because it’s mentioned it in the previous post. See links at the bottom of the page. I also included some photos of the surrounding buildings. I was never much into skateboarding. My favorite sport as a youngin’ was […]

“It’s always Ruth!”

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“It’s always Ruth!”

(Photos by Bald Punk – Yankee Stadium) From the peak of the large hill on Morningside Drive in upper Manhattan, I had heard what sounded like a bat hitting a ball and the roar of a crowd. All I knew was that it was coming from far off . . . Twenty minutes later we […]

Various NYC Photos

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(Photos by Bald Punk) I wanted to put up some photos real quick before I run out like a madman into the New York City night. Sunday I will have the next post in the series that began with Daydreaming on Morningside Drive. I have a lot of surprises planned for the coming weeks so stay tuned. […]

443-449 Broome Street in Soho

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(Photos by Bald Punk – 443-449 Broome Street in Soho, Manhattan) Designed by John T. Williams, and erected in 1896, this is one of the tallest buildings in SoHo. It takes up the entire block between Broadway and Mercer Street. The design at the top three floors that includes leaves, scrolls, shells and such, is what’s called Baroque ornamentation. I hate […]

Silvercup Studios in Long Island City

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(Photos by Bald Punk – Silvercup Studios in Long Island City, Queens) Silvercup Studious used to be a bakery before it was turned into a film and movie studio. They shoot Ugly Betty, 30 Rock, and Gossip Girl there. My mom said she can remember being in the subway car when it pulled into Long Island City. She said […]

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