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(Photos by Bald Punk – Rikers Island sign – East Elmhurst, Queens)

Rikers Island, aka The Big House, is one of the most depressing places in NYC. I went there to visit someone and felt like I was being sucked into a black hole. Most of the guards seemed depressed and all the criminals reminded me of criminals.

Right beyond the sign is the parking lot. From there you take a city bus over a long bridge to the jail. At night when you’re on the bridge, you might confuse the island with a resort–but only for a millisecond.

Now onto a place I want to go to, St. Stephen’s Church (Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary) by Summit and Hicks Streets in Brooklyn. Below are two photos I took of it from the passenger seat of my car on the BQE. I’ve had my eye on this church for a while, but am waiting for them to finish exterior renovations.

When you’re at the peak of the Gowanus Expressway and have lower Manhattan spreading out before you, in my opinion, St. Stephen’s manages to add a wonderful touch to the view. It will catch your eye. Especially when the sun is out. The cross and copper trim on the steeple can give off a wonderful sparkle.

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