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St Patrick’s in Bay Ridge

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(Photos by Bald Punk – St. Patrick’s R.C. Church in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn)

Bay Ridge is one of my favorite neighborhoods in NYC. There are loads of *nice homes, beautiful parks, and Shore Road that runs alongside the Narrows is a great place to go and unwind. The only downside is that you have as much a chance finding a parking space there as you do in lower Manhattan.

It’s also a good place if you like to have a drink while shopping, going to the laundry, the hairdresser, the nail salon, or your doctor. That’s because every ten feet there’s a bar. In NYC’s history, you would have to go back to its founding in the 1600’s to find a similar ratio of people to taverns. I think back then it was: 15- to- 1.

Hmmm . . . Maybe the ‘no parking situation’ has something to do with the bars??? Like maybe someone puts all those cars there on purpose . . .

*It’s is also known for obnoxiously, ostentatious homes. Invariably, whenever I see one, I say to myself, “That guy’s gotta be in the mob.” It’s a bad habit. Whenever I’m driving through Bay Ridge, I can’t seem to stop saying it. I need to go to church, and right my ‘ship’–


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