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The New York Times Profiles My Ghost

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(Pic is not my ghost)

In today’s New York Times, you can find the article in the OP-Art section, pg A31. The title is Nightmare on Your Street by Lizzy Ratner. The name of my story is Bald Punk and Thirsty Ghost

<<Update – I scanned and posted the article – click here>>

You can find it at the bottom of this page, which is better to view on cell phones:

On this page you have to click through to the fourth story. This page has cartoons drawn by Seth (author the graphic novel “George Sprott: (1894-1975).”

Here’s the intro to the article:


Even in this cheek-by-jowl town, the realm of other people’s apartments remains resolutely mysterious. Sure, New Yorkers share walls, overhear fights, inhale the sweet-spiced victories (and, all too often, failures) of sundry kitchen experiments. But the odd, unholy secrets of our neighbors’ homes remain hidden — and some of these secrets are very odd indeed. Voices whisper, spirits hover, stereos scream and stuffed animals rearrange themselves on beds. While we enjoy cozy, sleep-filled nights in our shoebox-sized sanctuaries, our neighbors toss and turn in the Gotham equivalent of Whaley House or Bly. And why not? New York is a city built on the dead, on mass graves and potter’s fields, old battlefields and spiffed-up shooting galleries. Surely some spirits are hanging around.

So this Halloween, when your neighbors open their doors for a quick trick-or-treat, take a peek inside, listen closely. They might just have a ghost story for you. — LIZZY RATNER

Here are all the posts in this series in which I wrote about my ghost: Episode Eleven – June 2009 (The Ghost!)

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Wouldn’t you know it, I have to work real late today. I was hoping to scan and post the article.

It just so happens that this is my 200th post!

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