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St Mary’s R.C. Church in Staten Island

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(Photos by Bald Punk)

For the next week all the posts will probably be Staten Island related. I hope no one minds. I’m actually changing my opinion about the place. It’s that darn camera. Taking photos really makes you focus.

As for this set here, we were driving along Bay Street — which runs basically from the Verrazano Bridge to the Staten Island Ferry Terminal — when excitedly I saw a church rising on a tiny hill.

I hope the guy in the photo didn’t mind me snapping away. He’s probably is a parishioner and when he saw me dancing, singing and taking photos, he must have wondered what I was up to. I have to learn to just take photos and cut out the rest of the crap . . .

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2 Responses to “St Mary’s R.C. Church in Staten Island”
  1. Pat Arshan says:

    Hi Bald Punk! When you were taking pictures of St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church did you happen to see a stained glass window or Altar Rail with the Name Susan FitzGerald on it. I’m doing ancestry and I just found out about something to this effect. Have a Happy Holiday. Pat in FL

  2. Bald Punk says:


    I wasn’t up that close. But next time I’m in that area, I will look for you. I’ll take a picture if I see it.

    Bald Punk aka Joe

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