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Maryland 400 Monument & Prospect Park

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(Photos by Bald Punk – Click twice to fully enlarge)

In August I took photos at the Old Stone House and Prospect Park. I went searching for the Maryland 400 Monument and couldn’t find it. I went back today.

Last time I was in Prospect Park I had asked a Park Ranger where the monument was and he didn’t know. Today I asked a comely couple who turned out were visiting from England. They pulled out a map and gave me directions. I asked if they knew the significance of the Maryland 400.  They said yes, and thought it was interesting that their home is on street named “Maryland Avenue.”

Besides the historical aspect, I’m interested in the monument because I met a homeless man who we believe is a reincarnated Revolutionary War soldier, and he might have been one of the Maryland 400. His name is Max Beckley. This is where he first appeared in my blog:

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