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Trinity Church

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(Photos by Bald Punk – click twice to fully enlarge)

This is a picture post so I won’t blog anything except to say that wet met an interesting character last Sunday named Mr. Clack. That was the day I took those nice pics of Murphs Bar at South Street Seaport.

One of the names Mr. Clack threw out at us was Anneke Jans Bogardus. She was said to have owned of the property Trinity Church was built on.  The Church of England took ownership of it in 1696, and a dispute followed that lasted a few hundred years.

Mr. Clack didn’t mention this, though said there might be a connection between her and Grace, the Angel of New York. I’ll post our conversation with him tomorrow.

Here are the posts that touched on Grace–


        Angel of New York

Back at you tomorrow–  BP


Trinity Church
Broadway by Wall St.
Built: 1846
Architect: Richard Upjohn
Architectural style: Gothic Revival

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