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Lexington and 42nd

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(Photos by Bald Punk)

I had loads of fun taking pictures Sunday. It was just me and no one else. The City was like a ghost town. Except for Canal Street, which I passed by earlier. It was packed with cars and people, while West Broadway was hopping with a swinging party.

After taking pictures in Midtown, I went and met my lady friend plus the pizza and Chinese delivery guys in Union Square. We were planning on seeing Inglourious Basterds at the multiplex on 14th. OH! When I got to the square, Sabra Foods was giving out free hummus samples and I ate about a thousand of them. They were yummy.

Something happened that evening and I’m debating on whether to tell you about it or not. I’m still trying to get my head around it.

But for now check out some of the pictures I took. I’m starting to get serious about photography. I think I’m finally gonna read the directions that came with my camera. There are like dozens (a few at least???) of settings I need to learn. Plus I need to drink less coffee before picture-taking. I bounce around too much.

One more thing, when I take pictures of tall building, the view follows me in and out of dreams. Crazy, right.

I have one more set of the Chrysler Building pics, and I think I saved the best for last.


More Chrysler Building:

Art Deco Icon

Chrysler Building Lobby and Entrance


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