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Random NYC Photos

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(All photos by Bald Punk – Masonic Hall, West 24th Street – click twice to expand fully)

I’m pretty excited to tell you more about Benny ‘the cigar store Indian.’ Probably tomorrow, definitely by Sunday. This coming entry will be about the time he spent working as a cigar store Indian. It involves reincarnation. It’s whacked. He’s whacked.

Here’s what I posted about Benny so far:

        Cigar Store Indian

        It’s Not What You See

        First Time I Met The Cigar Store Indian 

Sometimes I think it might be cool if I get lower and or even sit or lay down when taking photos.  For some reason I can’t bring myself to do it. Give me time. Though in the last picture here I did sit down on the dock.


(Metropolitan Life Insurance Company Tower – click to expand)


(Wyndham Hotel – West 24th Street)


 (34th Street at Lexington Avenue)


(Empire State Building)


(Vesey Street and Park Row) 


(Saint Paul’s Chapel – Broadway and Vesey Street)


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