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King’s County Hospital – East Flatbush

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(Photo by Bald Punk – Kings County Psychiatric Hospital – click to expand)

I was passing through East Flatbush in Brooklyn today, and took some pictures. It’s not the best place to live, so I was hoping to get some real artsy photos and try to portray the neigborhood in a different light. It was a stupid idea. Plus after I walked around I saw some nice sections.


(Brooklyn Central Laundry)

Brooklyn Central Laundry is where most NYC hospitals send their dirty sheets and towels to be washed. It’s across the street from Kings County Hospital. I was talking to one of the guys that works there and he said they have washing machines that are like 70 feet across along with massive, automatic folding machines that are also old as heck. All they have to keep cool are huge fans and he said it’s hot as hell inside.


(King’s County Medical Examiner)

On the building it says King’s County Medical Examiner, but it’s known as the King’s County Morgue, though if you just say “City Morgue,” most people assume you mean this one. Now there’s a fact for ya!



All Most of the “restaurants” are either fried chicken or Chinese food joints.

It didn’t go so well when I stuck my mug inside a Chinese food place and took a picture. Above you can see a woman walking toward me. She followed me down the block, saying “Wha happeded? Wha happened? Why you take photo?” She sounded nervous.


(Intermediate School 2 – Parkside Prep Academy Mural)


(Nostrand Avenue – double click to expand fully)


(Eglise De Dieu – Church of God – Clarkson Ave)


(East Flatbush Squirrel)


(King’s County Hospital – double click to expand fully)


(King’s County Smoke Stacks – double click to expand fully)




(King’s County Hospital)

Wingate Park

(Wingate Park)


(Winthrop Street)

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