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Cigar Store Indian

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(Photos by Bald Punk – George Washington Statue in Union Square)

There are people out there to whom life must be an adventure. They always look for new shit stuff to make them feel good about their “direction.” I’m not one of them. If I could change one thing about my life, I wish I could think less–and then I’d sleep better.

I also complain a lot, especially about the wacky stuff I have to deal with. Though some of it, like the encounters with Max Beckley and “the cigar store Indian,” I might fuss about, but I’m okay with it.

I could seriously do without seeing ghosts, though sometimes a fright can be cool. My lady friend is pretty much into spirits and crap. I’m not–only sometimes . . . Preferably, I like to see them on TV, when I have my feet up. I like putting my feet up.

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Now the cigar store Indian, I sometimes think I could do without ever seeing him again. He has a habit of popping up and making believe we’ve met out of the blue. My lady friend loves him, yet he has never shown himself to the pizza and Chinese deliver guys. I think he knows they’re whacked and doesn’t want to scare them.


(Grace Church, Broadway, E 10th)

What’s bizarre about the cigar store Indian–besides that he says the craziest shit–is that he’ll chew my ear off for a half hour, and I can’t get rid of him, but he won’t let me buy him a dog or a soda or even a beer. My lady friend has tried to buy him clothes—he’s not stylin’ is all I’ll say–but he says no.

Now I know I left off in THE IMMORTALS  with Max Beckley’s story in limbo. I was prepared to tell you more about him in the next few posts, but today, out of the blue I ran into the cigar store Indian. Being with him gave me the idea that I need to slow things down. I need to give more background on how crazy NYC can be, an average day is nutty. Like today . . .

A few strange things happened in Union Square with the cigar store Indian. But I’ll be back at you tomorrow and tell you about them.


Bald Punk


(George Washington Statue and Union Square at 14th St.)


(Photo below of a Cigar Store Indian)


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