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Old Stone House and Prospect Park

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  Old-Stone-House (6)

(Photos by Bald Punk – Old Stone House)

After I finished posting THE IMMORTALS, my lady friend and myself along with the pizza and Chinese delivery guys, paid a visit to the Old Stone House. It’s at 336 3rd St between 4th and 5th Avenue in Brooklyn. I was there before, though this time I wanted to get some pictures for you.

Old-Stone-House (4)

Admission was three dollars. Upstairs they were having a kids’ birthday party, and in the main room on the first floor, a bunch of health nuts were talking about preparing vegan meals. The picture below shows a diorama of the Maryland 400 (see THE IMMORTALS) as they fought British forces in the Battle of Brooklyn. In it you can see a few of the vegan wannabes. I don’t want to be mean, but I paid 3 bucks and they totally blocked the exhibits. The wannabes were pasty-faced and would have been better served if they went out and got some Vitamin D from the sun.


Old-Stone-House (5)

The picture below is of the view behind the Old Stone House. I know it was like 95 degrees and humid as heck, but it was a shame not to see kids playing ball. They were all probably home eating chips and dips, drinking soda, while playing video games and texting.

In my day we would have pushed our way under nine fences to play ball on such an immaculate field, and would have tore it up from sunup to sundown. On the way home our mouths would have been dry as the desert, while we dragged our feet because we were so tired.

Old-Stone-House (9)

After we left the Old Stone House (only I went inside and dropped the 3 greenbacks), we schlepped over to Prospect Park. It’s five blocks up. Good thing we had our car. Lot’s of parking there on Sunday, too!


I wanted to get a nice picture of the Maryland 400 monument. I searched and searched the Internet when I was posting THE IMMORTALS. Below is the best one I could find online.


To make a long story short, we never found the monument. Prospect Park is more than 500 acres and we covered half of it.  I was a mess. I was burning up from the sun, the button on my shorts broke and I held them up with a usb cable, I had a *coffee stain on my shirt . . . “it” was ugly. 500 acres . . . Ugh! I felt like a kid after playing ball all day in the sun.

*Dunkin’ Doughnuts spilled the coffee on my shirt, because they screwed up the lid.

I did get a snap of the below Marquis De Lafayette monument. He was a French-born general that fought with the Americans during the Revolutionary War. If you ever wanna find it — his monument is on Prospect Park West at 9th Street.

Marquis De Lafayette - Prospect Park

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2 Responses to “Old Stone House and Prospect Park”
  1. Chocolatelover1 says:

    Where was that house picture taken? I just recently painted a watercolor version of it, because I loved the picture so much!

  2. Bald Punk says:

    I took that photo at the Old Stone House in Brooklyn. See this link for more:

    Email me a photo of the watercolor. I wanna check it out.

    Joe aka Bald Punk

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