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Empire State Building

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(Photo by Bald Punk – click to expand)

Click here to see the pictures I took the other day of the Empire State Building.

I LOVE this building. It lifts my spirits whenever I see it.

These were the hardest pictures to take. I kept getting dizzy, and also had to “take a moment” to prepare for some of the shots when I was real close.

I work hard for you!

Tomorrow I will post my next installment on the Secrets of NY. It will be called THE IMMORTALS. 

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Was just in the new PathMark grocery store in New Dorp, Staten Island. Prices are cheapy-cheap compared with stores in Manhattan. So cheap it was like they were giving shit away.

I saw this skinny, four-year-old kid standing precariously in the bed of a shopping cart. His mother was totally not paying attention as she fingered the red peppers that were 88 cents a pound! I told you prices were good!

If standing in the cart wasn’t dangerous enough—the kid slipped a produce bag completely over his head. It was bizarre to say the least. Even the pizza and Chinese delivery guys were appalled, and cackled like birds in a cage. The mother was so wacky, she didn’t even notice them, let alone her kid.

My lady friend politely put the mother’s attention on her kid before he suffocated to death and/or slipped and cracked his skull. I wish I had my camera.

All I’ll say is that Staten Island is whacked. You know that. Here is what happened last time I went there:

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2 Responses to “Empire State Building”
  1. Joanna DeVoe says:

    This blog is all kinds of interesting, but I especially relate to your attraction to buildings/doors/windows & the need to take their picture. You always get the most artful angles, which makes them look even cooler. May I request some art deco? And- it’s funny you should say, “These were the hardest pictures to take. I kept getting dizzy”, because “dizzy” was the first word that popped into my mind when I saw that pic. Carry on, Bald Punk! This is good stuff.

    Jo/Obedient Waves

  2. Bald Punk says:

    Jo — Funny you should mention art deco. I’ve been meaning to get over to the Chrysler Building, an icon of the form. What’s nice is that when you’re on Broadway all the way down by THE BULL you can see it. The building lines up right in the middle of the road!

    Art Deco it is!!!

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