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New York City’s Deepest, Darkest Secret

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Sunset_from_Staten_ Island_NYC

(It’s another sunset photo from this post.** Photo by Bald Punk)

I told you about “the jogger” – and how I think he’s an alien as in outer space and not a foreigner.

See post one and two below for more on “the jogger.”  He appeared in Episode Thirteen called Bald Punk’s Secrets of NY.”

        ALIEN SECRETS  (“the jogger” start)

        One of NYC’s Biggest Secrets   (“the jogger” full post)

        I saw Michael Jackson’s Ghost in NYC 

Well, there are others like the jogger in NYC.

But I’m not saying aliens are living here now. However, they were here, and they left a trail in NYC. I’m not at liberty to say anything more.

That’s it. End of post. You just got NYC’s Deepest, Darkest Secret. Goodnight, good luck, goodbye.

If I die and you never hear from me, now you know why!!!


Bald Punk

** The above sunset picture is related to this post, but I can’t go into it right now. I may not be able to–ever.


Update!!! – Okay, okay, no need to send me anymore emails. I think I can give you a little more info. But let me think about how I can say it without getting myself into trouble or sounding too nutty. My head’s all weird right now.

In a little while I’ll post more. But these are the rules. Don’t go blabbing about what I’m gonna say. It’s between you and me. Is that possible??? I can’t think straight…

For now, check out this video to get you in the  mood.


(People See UFOs in New Gersey(2009) – Fox News)

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