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Sun Setting Over the Edge of the World

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(Photo by Bald Punk – Pic from Conference House, Staten Island, NY)

I went to the edge of the Edge of the World again.

<< Click here to see the pictures I took when I was there.  >>

The below posts cover the last time I made such a journey.

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The Conference House was built circa 1680 and is located at the southernmost edge of the world. (southern edge of New York City, and the State, too.)

(Photo by Bald Punk – Conference House, Staten Island, NY)

The building got its name from the conference that took place there on September 11, 1776. Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, and Edward Rutledge met with Lord Howe, commander in chief of British forces in America, and his brother General Sir William Howe, commander of the land forces.

The Brits wanted to end the American Revolution, but Ben, John, and Eddie, said, “Ahhh . . .no.”

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