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Brooklyn Bridge, Lower Manhattan and Beethoven video

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South_Street_Seaport_ Lower_Manhattan

(Photo above and video below by Bald Punk)

(Brooklyn Bridge, Lower Manhattan, and Beethoven –  “Symphony No 5 In C Minor”)

The footage was entirely shot from the South Street Seaport mall.

Me, my lady friend, and the pizza and Chinese delivery guys love hanging out on the deck that wraps around the upper floor. We go there and have some bevos in their nice lounge chairs — and chill big-time!

It’s a great place to soak in N-Y-C! You can really channel the city’s soul from there. If you’re a tourist I would put it on the list of place to go.

<< Click here to see the pictures I took that day >>

The music in the video is Beethoven’s Symphony No 5 In C Minor from the Immortal Beloved soundtrack. Of all the Beethoven discs I have, it’s my favorite. The recording of Ode To Joy is to-die-for!!!  The movie is one of my favorites, too.

My camera is a Sony DCR-SX41. It cost $300 and I’m happy with it.

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7 Responses to “Brooklyn Bridge, Lower Manhattan and Beethoven video”
  1. urbamamax says:

    Wooohooo video was cooooooool!!!!!!!!

  2. Nirocon says:

    Thank you very much for that astonishing video

  3. Mackeran says:

    Valuable thoughts and advices. I read your topic with great interest.

  4. Bald Punk says:

    Hey Mac, thanks! It was a video by the way . . .

  5. babafisa says:

    It’s interesting to find how challenging the content side is for some

  6. Bald Punk says:

    You got that right baba!

  7. hotspotti says:

    Amazing video

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