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New Elephant Abuse By Ringling Brothers

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(This is the new video shot by PETA)

 A person from PETA worked undercover at the circus for six months and recorded the graphic footage above.


(Elephant March though NYC, 2006)

 (Another video of accusations against Ringling Brothers)

But it’s nothing new . . .


Jumbo the Elephant is dragged by gigantic spools of thread through the streets of New York City. The picture of the Barnum star was for a thread company advertisment circa  1870’s.

What are your thoughts???

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3 Responses to “New Elephant Abuse By Ringling Brothers”
  1. haamayz says:

    It makes no sense. Some people don’t mind???

  2. Walt says:

    This make me sick. I will never go to Ringling Bros again.

  3. happyhomo says:

    sucks to be a circus animal

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