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We’re Going On A Humongous Road Trip!!!

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The next day that we all have off is Sunday. So we’re gonna wake up real early and go on a road trip.

I’ll probably be up all night kicking it big time. That’s what I do Saturday nights. It’s gonna be an awesome weekend.

Of course, since we live in NYC, there’s no real reason to go too far. I figure Brooklyn should do it. Or maybe we might go to Roland’s (pizza delivery guy’s bro) house in Staten Island. You know Staten Island is whacked.

Right now we’re going to the Home Depot in Park Slope.

Home Depot, Brooklyn

(Brooklyn Home Depot – uncredited)

They are open 24 hours. It’s after 11pm now. We’re thinking it’s gonna be cool to go there real late at night. We gotta get a faucet for the bathroom. The one we have is from Roman times. You gotta cram you hands underneath. Plus it drips and the landlord gets all spacey when I tell him to fix the goddam thing.

I’ve been having a lot of success with the novel I’m writing. Everyone should write. It’s fun.

Click here to see some of my stories and thoughts on writing.

When I say success, I mean I can finally see myself finishing the thing. Maybe in a few more months.

It’s hard writing when you have to work full time. Plus when you’ve never had success with writing something like muah, it’s tough to know when enough’s enough.

I look to have fun. That’s it. Scrappy D’s licking my chin. Now my ear. He’s the best dog ever. He’s really smart, too.

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My book is about all the crazy stuff that you don’t know goes on in NYC. It’s about ghosts and other stuff. It’s fiction, purely fiction. ;-<>

Talk to you later—


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3 Responses to “We’re Going On A Humongous Road Trip!!!”
  1. lazydazy says:

    That’s so NY of you!

  2. A road trip to the other side of town? lol I heard you New Yorkers think everything is in the city but you need to get into the hills and do some hiking, you know get with nature and all that. If you want some inspiration for writing then you need to get out of town. I’m from Las Vegas and that’s what I do, go into the desert in my Jeep to get away.

  3. Bald Punk says:

    Thanks for the advice. I will bookmark and read daily. I mean, return daily. I mean . . .

    I’m spamming my own site! Oh sh-t!!!! Is that possible?

    I have to start over.

    I like it out here in the comments section.

    Comments are cool because you can ramble anonymously and if someone complains, you’ll never know.

    My blog also exists here.

    This is the peripheral.


    1. Al, you’re right on all points.

    2. Al, I just like using the word, ROADTRIP. I scream it sometimes when I walk to the car. I like screaming sh-t.

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