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Running with the Bulls

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In Pamplona, Spain – a man was killed today running with the bulls when one of the animal’s horns pierced his lung.

The annual bull run is an obsession in Spain, while the rest of us tune in out of morbid curiosity.

It seems people that participate either want to prove that they’re brave or are just plain nuts.



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While some people are just wired in a way that they need to be challenged–and the riskier the better.

I have one friend that’s mild mannered. Probably the nicest guy you’ll ever meet. Yet he used to be an undercover police officer doing “buy and bust.” That has to be the nuttiest job in all NYC. He would get in the front seat of a car filled with drug dealers, and have a wad of cash in his pocket. Even if you could wear a bullet proof vest it wouldn’t do much good if they decided to shoot you.

If being an undercover wasn’t risky enough, he also went to Iraq and trained police officers in Fallujah during the height of the insurgency.

Now that’s Running With The Bulls!

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    Rather interesting post.


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