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Answers to some of your emails:

Someone from Staten Island wants me to come to his house and get rid of his ghost for him–

Um, no.

 I’m finished with ghosts.

They scare the shit out of me. End of story.

The bastard wrote me this long letter, too. It made me a little panicky. I’m not going to your house. Sorry.

Also, how after you read all the posts below (he said he did) would you still think I could help you??? 

   Episode Eleven: June 2009 (The Ghost!)

   Guess What We Have In Our Apartment???

   We Are Ghost Watching!

   I saw the GHOST Again!!!

   Our Apartment is Ghost Friendly


   Episode Twelve: June 2009 (Ghost Crushers!)

   Twitter Money Millions


   Ghost Crushers Are On The March!


   Date With The Devil


Plus, people on the Internet are all nuts. I can’t just go to someone’s house.

Did you know that blogging legend, Anil Dash gives out his phone number and says he’ll have lunch with his readers.

(Blogger Anil Dash spends the night at the Guggenheim, NYC)


I bet he doesn’t get as many mean emails as I do. I chalk it up to me being so honest with you.

The reason why I don’t post pictures of us is because my lady friend has a good job and would have some trouble.

Yet I’m writing some songs and will make videos of my band playing – so I think things will change.

Thanks for the comments on the fiction I’ve posted. Soon I will put up more.

The rest of your emails I have responded to personally.

Thanks for reading,


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