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We Have A Car!!!

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We have a car! Roland, the pizza delivery guy’s brother gave it to us.

On Sunday, we washed the hell out of the thing. Then we drove to Gray’s Papaya and ate outside in the car. It has air conditioning, so we were fine.


We’re probably gonna go all over the US with it. I figure we ’ll go out to California and Florida and some of the states in between.

I know some of you like descriptions, but it’s just your average car.

It’s not a pimp mobile. 


(Pimped Out Lincoln Continental)

Nor is it a typical George W. Bush era vehicle as seen below.


(The two-parking-space taker and all around gas guzzler, International SUV)

WTF were people thinking driving all those gas guzzlers??? Shame on you! And shame on Bush for not preaching ever even mentioning conservation.

Our car is also not a ____________ car-of-the-future that the government will “reward” some lucky person(s) for inventing(they want it to get like 70mph and be *tax ready.) I think the reward will be a pat on the back, but it might be less.  


(Fred Flintstone Mobile is the Car of the Future )

If you must know it’s just your average, white bread car. It’s a Toyota Camry, same as in the picture but ours is probably cleaner.


*Tax ready – not overly expensive so the GOVERNMENT can tax the —- out of it–and YOU.

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  1. EcholoM says:

    I hope for your driving skills. Love Echolo

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