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Ok, I screwed up yesterday. The guy in Marine Park doesn’t want me to exercise his ghost. He wants me to perform an exorcism and get the thing outta his house.

My lady friend(LF) is looking at me like it’s my mistake. But the guy had an incredibly thick accent. Plus when I heard $500 smack-a-roonies, he might as well have hung the phone up on me, because my mind went all lady-gaga.

Though now that I’m trying to remember what he said, I think his kid might be possessed by the ghost. I really couldn’t understand him.

Deep breath.

I have no idea what I’m gonna do. Actually, I do, because I want the money.

I’m going there and gonna do nutty stuff and hope he pays me.

I’m definitely bringing Scrappy D. I take him on the subway all the time. I put the little bastard under my shirt, and he’s pretty cool about it. Plus I like the way he feels against my chest. I hope that’s not perverted. But I have a feeling you’ll let me know. (Could you be a little nicer in your emails, please. I never said I was Gandhi.)

I’m also gonna bring my LF, a) because she’s awesome, and b) because she’s way more saintly than I am, and I think that’s what it will take to do this.

As far as I see it the only way I can screw this up is if the pizza and Chinese delivery guys(aka num and nuts) come . . . my LF just told me that they are.

I usually tell people num and nuts are foreign and that works. Though with this guy who’s a foreigner???

Honestly, I’m kinda confused about the whole thing anyway. So–

I’m gonna wing it.

I’ll probably mumble a lot and seem like I’m deep in concentration, which worked really well in high school.

Yeah, okay, a plan’s forming–

I’ll get back to you ASAIFTO(as soon as I figure things out).

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  1. lepeshkant says:

    I love Bald Punk!


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