Thursday, July 7, 2022

Twitter Money Millions


I’m in the Money!!! I’m in the Money!!! I just joined Twitter last week and watching all those people tweeting about how to make money is wearing off. Because, drum roll please . . .

 I’m making 500 hundred bucks tomorrow night for doing absolutely nothing. And that’s the fact, Jack!

I’m sitting here at the computer telling my lady friend while I type. But she’s not paying attention. She and the pizza and Chinese delivery guys(aka num and nuts) are watching that Real Housewives of New Jersey crap, and she has no time for her Baldie.

Num and nuts are the only two guys in the entire world watching it. That show doesn’t even play in Greenwich Village.

Did I ever tell you that my lady friend is secretly a NY METS fan? Of course num and nuts are — “They would root for Boston if she did!”

She’s booing and now so are they, but they all know it’s true.

Now she’s paying attention–

She says “hello” to you and so do num and nuts do, but only because she did first.

Now that everyone’s listening, here’s the dealio:

I told this guy at work about how we have a ghost, and we’re all friendly and shit with it. Lo and behold, he gets his landlord on the phone and zip bang boom, I’m going over to his house in Marine Park Saturday night to exercise his ghost for $500 bucks!

Yo! Who’s better than me!

I’m spending every last dime on food and beer and plan to pass out from beer-austion.

I figure me and Scrappy D can handle it.

I’ll let him loose in the guy’s house, and he’ll run around like a nut. I’ll point shit out, maybe bring a tennis ball and some chicken skin. Scrappy loves that shit. He’ll tear the place up.

He’s gonna exercise that ghost so good that the bastard who owns the place will bring us back all the time.

Hold on while I get up and do a little dance called “I’m in the money, I’m in the money . . .”

Brb!!! I’m dancing like a nut.


Btw, here I am on Twitter:

Let’s go Yankees!!!

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3 Responses to “Twitter Money Millions”
  1. 2muchtalkin says:

    On Twitter I can feel suckers getting taken to the cleaners.


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