Wednesday, July 6, 2022

I saw the GHOST Again!!!


 (Picture of a real ghost that I found on the Internet)

I saw the ghost again in our apartment last night. That’s it. That’s the end of this post. I have nothing else to say.

It passed right by me. Okay . . .

I think it’s a guy. He was dressed in see-through black. It was the second scariest moment of my life. But I can’t tell you about the first time right now. (It was when I almost got rolled in Central Park. The guy had a knife and the devil in his eye.)

And this ghost–I’m not here to change your mind about them. Believe me, I don’t want one in my apartment. I’m not some Internet sick-o.

I don’t wanna even talk about it.

To tell you the truth, I’m thinking about packing up and going somewhere else.

It’s so bad I would even say goodbye to you for good, and that’s tough, because we’re mofos.

Since you got me going, I’ll tell you what happened.

I fell asleep on the couch watching Yankees’ Encore, and when I woke up the Cartoon Network was on. The pizza guy must have changed the channel. Remember I told you he liked cartoons.

Him and the Chinese delivery guy were asleep next to me. Somehow they both were clutching Scrappy D, and he’s tough to hold. You know the little guy is nutty. He probably likes the smell of stale grease.

I stood up and rubbed my gut. I wasn’t looking for a ghost, but there it was–

He was as near to me as you are–or at least as two people that are real close.

So when I saw him, I froze solid. It was his face that really got to me. I see sad people all the time, but this guy’s eyes were full of silent agony.

But all the same, he looked right through me. I couldn’t help him, and he knew that even before it occurred to me.

I must have made some noise because the pizza and Chinese delivery guys(aka num and nuts) woke up, and they both looked real scared.

My lady friend came into the room and said, “Baldie, what is it?”

I just said, “The Yankees stink.” I couldn’t tell her.

I’m afraid to admit that she-and of course, num and nuts would make the situation worse if I told them I saw the ghost again.

Man oh man, it’s bad.

The worse part, I’m only good at fixing things with my mouth. I don’t think yelling at a ghost will get rid of it.

I can’t talk to him, can I? I don’t even know his name.

I’m sorry if I let you down, but I just don’t know what to do.

Bye for now,


P.S. Thank god num and nuts didn’t see the ghost. They would have jumped out the window (4th floor) and took Scrappy D with them. They never think of the consequences.


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9 Responses to “I saw the GHOST Again!!!”
  1. Jenny says:

    Very good post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say
    that I have really liked reading your posts. In any case
    I’ll be subscribing to your blog and I hope you post again soon!

  2. wow it looks like it suffered when it died i feel for you dude i got the chills when i saw that thing definitly try to communicate with it hope fully it will be nice

  3. ok i had some thing happen last night that was very wierd it was exactly 11:37 i look at the time every time im about to fall asleep and then im drifting off to sleep and my covers covering my had practicly flew off and i stood up yelled for my mom (i was shocked and im only 14 so yah i was scared) she came in turned the lights and she said that i was not lying because shes had expiriences to ghosts have been following my moms family for a long time and im thinking it following me now i didnt sleep well last night at all i just hope you read this and under stand you are not alone…. if you want to email me (—— thank you for reading this your fan Conner Gomes

  4. Bald Punk says:


    Thanks for reading my blog. I’m at work and will email you later.


  5. This is so weird after the blanket incedent the next night my arm started moving by itself i had to sleep in the living room for a while because my uncle came and took my room but when i finally went back to my room on Saturday and nothing has happened my dad stopped bye on sunday to say hi and he told me that if your mad alot or sad a demon will absorb that energy and then it can do stuff eventually after absorbing energy out of you being mad or sad alot it gets attached to you never leaving you and causing more mayhem to make you mad or sad to get more energy so just a heads up dont be mad or sad alot because i sorta fell like i had a demon for a while hopefully i dont have one

    p.s. last night my d.s. was charging (i found my ds i figured i would play it im not a nerd though ) and all of the sudden the orange light that meant it was charging strted blinking and i thought well it is a crappy charger but then i thought maybe something is absorbing energy from my d.s.oh well

    sincerely Conner Bartoli
    a fan of bald punk

  6. Conner Bartoli says:

    last night it felt like my blanket started to rise off of me and my heart started to beat really fast and i was scared then it stopped. In mythology it says demons absorb anger and scared off of you and if your happy alot it will cause mayhem to absorb energy off of you i feel like there is a demon attached to me absorbing energy off of me yesterday i couldnt find my game and i threw things everywhere in madness and then i stopped and sat there and then out of the blue it was on the floor i really feel like something is messing with me only when im alone and at nught time usually my room is very dark
    – Show quoted text –

  7. jeff says:

    dude…you can see the shadow behind whatever you put there…lol.

  8. Conner Bartoli says:

    Hey bald punk havent seen this site in a while but ya the demon still lives at my house it follows me but lately it hasnt done anything so im kool.


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