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Guess What’s In Our Apartment???

June 20, 2009 by  
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I’m in the bathroom typing this. But don’t get mad at me.

The pizza and Chinese delivery guys are going nuts!!! They are worse than Scrappy D, and you know how crazy he is! The thing is

We have a ghost in here with us!!! Not in the bathroom, in the apartment.

White House Skateboarding

(AP – Tony Hawk in White House who looks like a ghost)

Okay, well, I can’t say for certain that we do. You’ve seen the TV shows Paranormal State and Ghost Hunters, they don’t know sometimes either. But we’re pretty sure about that, pretty sure . . .

We noticed late last night after we came home from kicking it big time down in NYC’s redlight district on Avenue A. (Every damn place has red lights inside and out — and you know I wouldn’t kid you.)

It was like 3 in the morning when I opened the door to our apartment; Scrappy D starts jumping straight up in the air like he’s on a springboard and spinning in circles. He’s not possessed or anything, he’s just whacked out!


(Scrappy Doodles – Photo by Bald Punk)

Where was I???


So the light switch didn’t work by the apartment door, and we were all walking slow, banging into shit, trying to find the lamp when this blue shadow drifts into the room. It looked just like a person!

I saw it first and then everyone else did. Oh, hold on—

The bastards(the pizza and Chinese delivery guys) are knocking softly on the bathroom door. Idiots.

Hold on, I gotta—



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