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Make Your Own Bumper Stickers

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As you all know I’m working hard to promote I wanted to put up billboards across the USA, but that is going to have to wait for now. I don’t think I have enough money, and my boss would fire me if I disappeared for more than a couple of days.

So instead I made my own bumper stickers. Here’s how I did it.

I bought 30 sheets of sticker paper ($11/box) and a roll of contact paper ($11) at Staples. The reason for the contact paper is to put over the bumper stickers so they’ll last outside. (Update: you need Inkjet Vinyl Bumper Sticker Paper. We plastered them all over The rain ruined the ones I made from Staples paper.)

I used an HP Photosmart printer. A color laserjet would be ideal. If I were buying a printer just for this job I would probably choose one that has the lowest ink cost per page.

Creating the bumper sticker–

The first one I did was on MS Word, but there was too much space between the lines. I think you can mess with the “paragraph spacing” to get it closer.

I next used MS Expression and chose a layout that was letter-size, which I turned sideways while I worked on it. After I was done I saved the Expression file as a jpeg. But to print it properly I had to turn the jpeg sideways. The most basic photo software can do that.

The hardest part was stripping the contact paper from its paper backing. I used a steak knife to nick off the paper at the corner. That made it easy.

Message to my regular readers–

Right now I’m not going to say anything about what happened over the weekend, but believe me, you will want to read all about it.

Your friend,



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