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Answers to Some of Your Emails

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 (J. P Morgan Building, 60 Wall Street –  Photo by Bald Punk) 

First, thanks to everyone for stopping by. I’ve been doing this blog for a little over a month and am now getting as many as 200 unique visitors per day. Plus Google just gave me a P1 page ranking, which I’m told is good for such a short time.

I also appreciate the responses to my short story, DARK CHILD. I will put up more fiction in the future.

Onto the emails, of which, I haven’t got all that many so far.

A couple of people wanted to know what I do for a living. I work for a demolition company. The work is grueling and I hate it. But I’ve had plenty of office jobs and didn’t like them all that much either. So…

One of the office jobs I had was at Lehman Brothers. It’s the investment bank that went out of business. I basically pushed papers in different directions. But the people were all real nice. Plus the building where I worked, 3 World Financial Center, is a simply magnificent place. The lobby has large murals and its adjacent to an atrium with tall palm trees and a glass ceiling. It’s called the Winter Garden. I need to go down there and take some pics to show you.

You might have read about the CEO of Lehman, Dick Fuld. Well, if you can believe it, one day I almost flattened him. I’m a big guy and I was not looking where I was going and I turned a corner in the hallway and almost plowed over him. But it would have been his fault, because he had his office on the trading floor and not in the penthouse suite. I was up there in the penthouse a few times. It seemed like a wasted of space. The had a few old men working up there. It looked like they worked out of their bedrooms. It was kinda creepy. But I guess the days of that crap are over anyway.

It’s a shame what happened with the company and even with Mr. Fuld. When I was there it seemed that everyone liked the guy. 


Someone wanted to know my lady friend’s name. “Lady friend,” of course!

Also, some mofo wanted me to recommend a restaurant in NYC. I’m more of a take-out kinda guy. I like to eat in front of the TV.

But I do like Puglia’s in Little Italy. There you can get up and dance on your chair between mouthfuls. And they got this mofo named Jorge who sings and plays the keyboard and accordion, and he sort of encourages you to have a nutty time. Some people think it’s a tourist trap, but I consider myself a tourist in most things I do.

That’s it on the questions.

Oh yeah, I did get one on writing a book from some mofo in Brazil. The guy had an idea and wanted my opinion as if I’m a font of knowledge. I’ll mull it over and see if I can give a thoughtful response in a day or so.



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  1. Hotter Blonde says:

    Thanks for writing, I really enjoyed your latest post. I think you should post more often, you evidently have talent for blogging!

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