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Coney Island Polar Bears – 1-1-09

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I was going through some of my pictures and figured I’d post a few that you might find interesting. Here are some I took on Coney Island this past January. It was 25 degrees! I didn’t go swimming, but one of the mofos I’ve known since high school did. He’s a real live Polar Bear.

(All photos by Bald Punk)


You see that nut on the boardwalk in the blue shorts? It was probaby his first time doing this. The nut got changed in his car in the aquarium’s parking lot and walked about a half mile to the water. He probably froze to death.

You’re supposed to strip on the beach, run in and run out of the water, get dressed and get to Ruby’s Bar on the boardwalk–and drink till you’re warm. Ruby’s Bar is the last picture below. 












Ruby’s Bar and Grill, Coney Island Boardwalk 


<< Click here for photos I took at Coney Island in May 2009 >> 

Here is what happened to me that Spring day:  Ghost Breath of Coney Island


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  1. Hot Blondie says:

    I was just googling around about this when I stumbled on your blog post. I want you to know that I love me sum Baldie. Great posts!!!

  2. Bear Buff says:

    Omg ! i like this blog .


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  1. Miguel says:

    Cool pics.

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