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Super Special Post = Short Story

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So that’s what the Super Special Post is all about. A short story. I hope you aren’t let down. You’ll have to read it and see.

I showed the story to my lady friend a while back. She didn’t say anything, but her eyes were puffy and red. Maybe she hated it so much it made her cry???

I told her I was gonna post it last night and she didn’t have a notable reaction.

As far as short stories go, I have a tough time writing them. Comparatively, I’ve completed twice as many novels. Though using the term “complete” in regards to writing is truly relative. All my stuff is filed away on my pc and no one is reading it.

Anyway, the short story I’m going to post later on is the darkest thing I’ve ever done. Working on it made me sick. I probably stopped before it was “complete.”

But is was something that was rattling around in my skull for ages. I’m happy I got it out.

Right now I’m listening to Mirror in the Bathroom by the English Beat. I swear to god that I’m gonna get up and dance around like a nut. You listen to this tune and try not dancing.  Come on!!! Dance with me . . .

Oh, what now? Hold on  . . . I’ll be back in a bit. The Chinese Delivery guy is locked in the bathroom. I kid you not.

I’m back, but I’m still dancing! If you don’t have Beat this! The Best of the English Beat, then you must get it. That is, if you like dancing and having fun. I have on my iPod.

I don’t know when I’m gonna put up the story. I’m just kinda thinking about it, and writing in general. Plus, I’m still trying to find the right pics, maybe I might use a different font?

Btw, I’m reading Lonely Werewolf Girl by Martin Millar and my favorite writer is Henry Miller.

Short Story – May 2009 (Dark Child)

Super Special Post

Super Special Post = Short Story

Dark Child (Short Story)

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