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Super Special Post

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I’m planning on posting something real special this weekend. I hope you’re going to like it. First I have to find the right picture(s) to go with it. I’ll tell you more about it in my next post. But to give you a taste, this is one of the possible pics.


(Photoshopped pic of a girl)

On an unrelated note, I hope everyone in the US is having a nice Memorial Day weekend. Never forget.

Also, thanks to all the mofos outside the US for giving me lots of hits. I see traffic coming from far and wide. I sincerely appreciate it. You have a nice weekend, too.

The fam is gonna chill tonight. I had to work today and am going to watch The Magnificent Seven with Steve McQueen and Yul Brynner. It’s on PBS at 9pm. Those were were two super cool dudes. Maybe too cool, because they both smoked themselves to death.

Now I’m watching the METS play Boston.

My lady friend is in the kitchen making cookies and the pizza and Chinese delivery guys are basically standing on the hem of her dress. They’re worse than dogs.

‘The conversation (if I can call it that) they are having is like a soundtrack for a whacked out foreign film. Though a lot of it I don’t think makes sense in any language.


Update: Way to go METSIES!!! They came back in the 9th to give Papelbon his first blown save. But what happened in the bottom of the inning was more miraculous. The Mets were stellar defensively. It was a bit of a shocker given how they have been playing.

Oh! I saw a sign behind home plate that read: “Fenway Family Hour.” Anyone know what that’s all about? Maybe the Boston fans act civilized for an hour. I doubt it. Those bastards have been unmanagable since 1620.

Now that I think about it, if it wasn’t for those rowdy New Englanders everyone in the US would probably be living comfortably on the dole and have free health care. There would be no need for … to change America into England. But I digress.

Speaking of crazy Boston fans, I went to see the Mets play the Yanks at the old Stadium… I’ll finish this in a bit. LF is calling

it was ages ago. Me and my mofos sat all the way up in the left field wing at Yankee Stadium. I remember my seat as four rows from the top and four seats from the end. I was so far away I felt like I was watching the game from Shea. David Cone pitched that day and the Yanks won, but because of my seats???

Anyway, before the game we are having fun taunting the Met fans, just some really good natured ribbing and all, when out of the blue two guys start walking up to their seats wearing Boston Redsox jerseys.

People stared throwing peanuts and stuff. I don’t think they got hurt too badly, but they never made it to their seats.

One last thing on nutty fans. I once went to Camden Yards and I swear to god it was like I had gone to outer space. The people from Baltimore were like Martians. I kid you not.

They were the nicest darn people I ever met, and I had a Yankee hat on, too. That went for people we met in the bars afterwards at Fell’s Point. I never met so many freaking nice people. Even the girls were sweet as pie. Wow!

The only problem I had was when I went to the john at the ballpark. There was this piss drunk Yankee fan making a scene. It was embarrassing. He was yelling all sorts of stupid stuff at the Oriole fans, then he started yelling at me because I wasn’t on his side. Ugh!!! I think I owe an apology to New Englanders, though don’t consider that one. Just hold your breath while I muster it up . . .

So . . . I tell you — God blessed Baltimore. He really did.

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