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Bald Punk Highway Billboard

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 (Photo uncredited)

I’m gonna put up billboards all over the country to promote this site. Me and my lady friend are going, and I guess we’ll have to take the pizza and Chinese delivery guys. It’s gonna be whacked. Will you help us???

Do you like the design?

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UPDATE!!! We have a HUGE problem. What are we going to eat when we go across country??? You remember this post . . .

Update!!! Update!!! Yanks (Jeter and Teixeira) just went “a back to back, and a belly to belly!!!”

Another update: Until we go cross county to put up billboards, which might be tomorrow or next week, but will be pretty soon–until then, do you think you can help us promote this site??? Please? ;-{} Just imagine my lady friend, who is cool as shit is asking you. She’s a giver and never asks anybody anything.

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2 Responses to “Bald Punk Highway Billboard”
  1. EasyBC says:

    I’m trippin. Lmfao!!!

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