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Staten Island BBQ Mayhem

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(Staten Island Mall – Photo by Bald Punk)

No. This is not the post. I just don’t want to throw it up. One problem is that it’s like nine pages. That’s way too long.

The other is that I took tons of pics, but can’t find any to post. That’s Staten Island for ya. Plus my lady friend refuses to let me post pics of us. Last week I put something up of the pizza and Chinese delivery guys as just a preview(not live), and she was apoplectic.

But I’ll give you a little tease. This is the opening . . . like one of them poems or whatever you call them thingys to get you in the mood for a story. In this case, it’s for a blog post about shit that happened at a BBQ. 

Here’s the opening:

Sometimes I envision myself as the hero of my own life. Other times I daydream wacky stuff. And in whatever time is left, I sleep.

                                                                                                                        Bald Punk

And the title will not be Staten Island BBQ Mayhem. Instead, look for BALD PUNK RIDES AGAIN. I will have it up real soon.

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