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Weekend Wipeout, Redux!

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(Ladies in Norway – They luv them sum Baldie – uncredited photo)

This post is for the mofo from Norway that emailed me and said she liked my pic’s of the East River and the Hudson. She also said something about the pizza and Chinese delivery guys(aka num and nuts), which I didn’t quite understand, but believe me chick from Norway, I treat those bastards like gold.

Anyway, my lady friend (LF) read it, and she’s all upset at me. SHE’S MORE THAN UPSET.

Thanks chick from Norway. In like two years we’re finally going to have a nice sunny weekend in NYC, and I was hoping to be the hero of “said weekend,” but no . . .

What’s worse — tonight we’re going to a killer bar down on the lower Eastside to kick-it with all my punk mofos, but my LF won’t even look at me.

Now we’re in crisis mode.

My LF just told me, either I post something nice about the pizza and Chinese delivery guys, or she’s not going out tonight. Which means if she doesn’t go, then no num and nuts steppin’ on my tail. Because you know the bastards would stay home with her. Probably rub her feet, tell her in Baldie was no good for her.

You remember how miserable I was last Friday. Well, here we are again.

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Weekend Wipeout, Redux!

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