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I am MOMA!

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Hey, guess where we went Sunday??? The whole happy fam: me, my lady friend, and the pizza and Chinese delivery guys. The four of us went to . . . Give up?

We went to MOMA. Museum of Modern Art. Now I’m an art connoisseur! Ha! Ha!

Actually, some of the shit I saw was so whacked. I didn’t write down names, just took pics. Here are some green shelves.


(Photos by Bald Punk)

YES! This as an exhibit. Hence, it is ART. Suck it all in! ART! ART. Rhymes with–

You know, I’m thinking of becoming an ARTteeste! I have an eye for shit! I am el guaupo! I have zeal. Passion! Gusto! Plus I have the bald head and look good in black. Those are all the makings of a great artist, right?

My lady friend just asked, “Why stop at just being an artist?”  I know what she means, but if I lose my train of thought I’m done . . .

Though that gets me to thinking, sometimes I’ll say my life is a freak show. But now, post-MOMA, I’m fairly confident in saying that my life is like a freaking art show. Especially when I’m around num and nuts.

Oh yes, my life is an art show. I am a walking, talking, living and breathing museum. I am like MOMA.

Goddamit, I am MOMA!!!

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I am MOMA!

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