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Filed under Stories’s Technorati blog rank is number: 4,813,346. That number is so not punk rock. I feel like I’m part of the National deficit. I need a blog bailout.

This is bad. So bad that I need to ditch my punk strut and emulated the pols. I need to reach out across the aisle. I need to open my arms and embrace all of you.

I’ll make this short. I do ramble, I know.

I’m going as far left as my butt will take me.

Please, please, please, all you eco-minded tree-huggers . . . help me. I’m sorry for all the crap I’ve said about Al Gore. I don’t believe the evidence that Global Warming is based on junk science, or that it’s a byway to Globalism and a New World order. I’m writing a check for carbon credits right now.

Hug me hug you. :>)

Please love like a tree. Climb inside. Make yourself comfortable. Smoke your weed. Lose yourself in your love for me.


(These ladies are imagining the tree is

Now I’m off to the RIGHT.

Please, all you redneck-hick mofos find a pen and paper. Look on the floor in your pick-up truck somewhere between the beer cans and your sister’s underwear. Please you silly bastards. I promise to post all sorts of stuff about guns and amo and killing shit. Now write this down: Tell your cousins and your cousins’ cousins.

So when you’re up there in them trees with your high powered rifles, waiting for Bambi to come prancing along, please log onto  That is, if you got one of those cell phones and get reception in the middle of absolutely nowhere.

Good luck braining Bambi.



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