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This Weekend’s A Total Wipeout

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It’s raining and dreary in the Big Apple. If that’s not bad enough, we’re not going to the concert tonight. Yes, you heard me right.

That’s all I’ll say. . .

Because you have to understand, right now, I am not a punk. I’m a piteous, useless thing. I’m a puddle outside Bernard Madoff’s home; the soot and soil in me still bearing the devil’s searing imprint.

I’m half a person, corrupt and incorrigible. I am lower than say a US Senator who would sell out his country just to get reelected in 2010. Yes, I am that low.

And yes! It’s cause of the swine virus that we’re not going!!!

And the worst part . . . it pains me to write this . . . It was an Iggy Pop show. The Godfather of Punk! The Rock Iguana!


(AP Photo/PA, Anthony Devlin)

I was looking forward to this show so much that I even bought tickets for num and nuts–just to make my lady friend happy. And you laughed at me when I told you I was a Saint.

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2 Responses to “This Weekend’s A Total Wipeout”
  1. maddamoney says:

    Pretty funny thing… better to stay home maybe

  2. twelvefingers says:

    Behave yourself you bald bastard!!!

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