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Stuck in the apartment post

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My lady friend (LF) is all worried about the “swine virus” and doesn’t want us going outdoors if we don’t have to. Right now the pizza guy is looking at the news and reporting back to my LF about who’s getting sick and where they live. She’s cleaning everything that might have a fingerprint, which is mostly the food cartons in our refrigerator. Each new account has her more worried and she’s talking to us like we’re little kids.

I’m in front of the pc and, of course, my info on the virus is up to the minute, but the bastard seems so happy as he tells her the news, that I won’t say shit. Then there’s the other num-nuts, the Chinese delivery guy. He is sitting at the kitchen table wearing his mask. When he went to work last night my LF had such a hard time getting him to put it on, now the bastard won’t take it off. Yesterday there was nothing to worry about where we live but the thing with him is that he’ll disappear and won’t come back, sometimes for days. She just did it as a precaution. A prophylactic. Too bad his parents didn’t take similar precautions way back when. He’s so whacked. One time, he disappeared for four days and made my LF shit a brick she was so worried. I remember when he came back, I was sitting out on the front stoop and a bunch a people in a car with Jersey plates dropped him off. It could have been all guys or girls in the car knowing him, but I didn’t look. I’m not the type of person to make eye contact with people I don’t know, especially if I think they’re whacked. The weird thing was that the car idled for like ten minutes after the bastard went inside, and I knew they were looking at me thinking I was whacked like the Chinese guy. I was waiting for them to say something. One word out of their mouth and I was gonna slam dance on the hood of their car.


(This is what I see when I look at the Chinese delivery guy. I told you he’s whacked. Just kidding, but not my much.)

(Photo of a gamma ray burst/see below)

Oh shit . . . cool . . . I’m reading this article about some mofo in Hawaii who used a far-sighted telescope to take a picture of one of the most distant sights ever. It was something called “a gamma ray burst.” It’s like 13 billion years old (hence the use of “was”), which means 13 billion light years away. And as all you mofos know a light year is six trillion miles… Now I’m wondering how you could express our National debt in light years, but I have no idea.

Btw, me and my LF are going to a HUGE concert this weekend and I’ll let you know all about it. Hopefully null and void(pizza and Chinese deliver guys) won’t wanna come, but I’d probably have better luck in AC.

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