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Alien Souls Alien Souls

(Real Demon in Bald Punk’s Bed–picture removed*) I gazed into the dark, not knowing who I was or what I was about to do. But something told me the object in my hand held the clues. I lifted it as if it weighed nothing and brought it close. I was surprised to see my dull eyes trapped inside its blood speckled surface. I was equally... [Read more of this story]

Escape to New Jersey Escape to New Jersey

Wildwood, NJ – Morey’s Piers – uncredited) I’m so pissed at Benny, “the cigar store Indian.” How dare he say to me, “know yourself… trust only yourself.” The bastard knows I don’t trust him, and instead of trying to reach out to me, he had to one-up me with those words—like he’s the better man. Screw him...   I... [Read more of this story]

Of The Beast Of The Beast

(“Passage of the troops to Long Island” (actually to Gravesend, Bklyn) in 1776, NYPL digital collection) Gray clouds roiled over the darkened Brooklyn shoreline. Every few seconds sunburst colors flashed out through the clouds toward our sloop on the choppy Narrows. I couldn’t hear properly, but each colorful burst produced a thud in... [Read more of this story]

Vessels Of The Night Vessels Of The Night

(Rossville Boatyard – Photo/shopped by Joe) It was a two mile walk from the party, until we came off the road across from a nightclub fronted by sleek cars and loud patrons. I followed Benny, “the cigar store Indian,” down through an abandoned cemetery and along a trail sided by cattails, toward the placid Arthur Kill. It was lit... [Read more of this story]

Baldie On The Barbie Baldie On The Barbie

(Blazing Star Burial Ground, S.I.N.Y. – Photo by Joe) This is a dream. Until it’s not a dream. Who can tell… – The pizza and Chinese delivery guys(aka num and nuts) piloted our SUV through Staten Island to the Memorial Day BBQ. I held hands with lady friend(LF) in the back seat. She chatted ceaselessly with num and nuts, which sounded... [Read more of this story]

Those Eyes Those Eyes

(Dog Scoping Shit Out, S.I.N.Y. – Photo by Joe/Gimped) It just doesn’t stop staring at me. And it’s looking at me like I’m a fire-breathing, three-headed Mega-Godzilla. But I deserve it. I really do deserve it… ~ I don’t deserve the batty gazes from the pizza and Chinese delivery guys(aka num and nuts). But it’s Memorial... [Read more of this story]

Daylight Daylight

(Atlantic Ocean from Rockaway Beach – Daguerreotype by Joe) Only moments had passed since I reached the beach, having jumped over the side of a ghost ship and swam to save what was left of my life. I collapsed in the wet sand and focused on the sky with some trepidation. Burning bright colors began to quickly replace shades of dark blue and... [Read more of this story]

All Hail The Beast All Hail The Beast

(“Cold” by Joe) Dawn is the time for demonic creatures to crawl back into the shadows. And as that first dawn came after my soul had been stained by the demonic blood of both Black Sullivan and Toren the Bloody, for me, it was a time to die…   At the instant the new sun began to brighten the sky, my joints had grown stiff and... [Read more of this story]

Forever Evil Forever Evil

(“Sailboat Moving Between Past And Present” by Joe) Present Day The pizza and Chinese delivery guys(aka num and nuts) are avoiding me. Like I care. I don’t! It’s a good thing. My lady friend(who has tuned me and my blog off of late, I’m just saying…) says it’s because of what I’m writing about in... [Read more of this story]

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